ThevoRelief - Pain Care
MiS® Therapeutic Mattress*

Lasting pain relief during the night

A horror story that is repeated every night: After just a few hours, pain becomes rife. Falling back to sleep is out of the question. Awakened in the middle of the night, the person enters a cycle of pain and sleeplessness.

Improved sleep for well-being with the Pain Mattress

  • MiS Micro-Stimulation gently stimulates the nerve tracts
  • Optimum back support
  • Relieves body aches and painful lying
  • Improved microclimate
thevo relief

agr relief

The AGR quality cachet (Aktion Gesunder Rücken = Campaign for Healthier Backs): Certified and recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools. More information: Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. | Stader Straße 6 | 27432 Bremervörde | 04761/92 63 580 |

*MiS sleep therapy

  • Fields of application

    No matter what causes the pain

    • arthrosis
    • osteoporosis
    • cancer
    • injury

    ThevoRelief provides pain-relieving positioning and gentle stimulation of the nerve tracts, the basis for restorative sleep.

    calm foam


    For maximum patient comfort

    thevo wing

    Wing suspensions

    adapts to body contours, relieving pressure

    pain suspension

    Pain suspension

    very soft sensation of lying - pain relief
    Pain relief specifically tailored to each individual


    Incontinence cover

    breathable, clean easily by wiping with disinfectant


    Jersey cover

    breathable microclimate

  • usJaleen Roberts, U.S. Paralympics Track & Field 2019 National Team , Cerbral Palsy
    "For one year, I was waking up every morning with intense back pain. I worried that it was never going to get better. I finally found relief when I started sleeping on the Thomashilfen ThevoRelief mattress. I am pleased to say that I no longer wake up with stiffness and soreness in my back."

    deHeinz and Helga Guth from Bad Nenndorf, Germany - paralysis after a stroke
    "6 weeks ago I have received your anti-pain mattress for my wife paralyzed by a stroke on one side. It has changed our lives positively and decisively. She sleeps again by 6-8 hours! The most important for us is that the mattress cares about 24 hours of her, an unexpected miracle! She is as good as painless and correspondingly moving! When I ask her: are you happy that we bought the mattress, she always answers with a clear: YES.”

    deAstrit Abramowski, experiences problems with herniated discs combined with possible Bekhterev’s disease and arthritis from Germany
    “I still take two pain killers before I go to bed, but now I have slept through two nights and was awoken in the morning by the alarm clock! That has not happened in years! Now I am well-rested and feel good in the morning. When I consider that these improvements happened within 14 days... amazing. The mattress is now mine!”

    usMary Ellen Hinkle, Bellevue, Washington U.S.A.
    “I have Multiple Sclerosis, back and neck pains, and menopausal symptoms. The combination makes it very difficult for me to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time and I have frequent night sweats. With the ThevoRelief mattress, I no longer toss and turn and am able to fall asleep more quickly, sleeping 8-9 hours straight per night. I am less likely to overheat during the night. Even when I was a teenager, I didn’t sleep this well! I sleep so deeply now that my husband has a difficult time waking me up in the morning. I feel much more refreshed during the day and have fewer back and neck aches and pains.”

    dePress release– Hamburger Hospiz e.V. im Helenstift from Germany
    “These mobility beds help patients to lie with no pain or as little pain as possible. In addition to a mattress with a good pressure distribution, the mobility bed has springing which can be adjusted to suit the needs of pain patients. Employees at the Hamburger Hospiz Verein would like to provide this new system to their patients in an effort to come one more step closer to reaching their goal of dignified care.”

    usDiary of Allison Ames, Seattle USA
    1/27/2012: I received my new mattress to try.
    1/28: I woke up and my back didn’t hurt so much as before and I was able to sleep longer hours.
    1/29: My back continues to feel better and my sleeping has improved.
    1/30: When I get out of bed , my body feels limber and I’m sleeping good.
    1/31: Everday my back gets better and I’ve been sleeping good.
    2/1: I feel good when I lie on the mattress.
    2/2: Had a goodnight sleep and back feels better.
    2/3: Everyday my back pain me less and I’m sleeping better.
    2/4: I slept for at least 8 hours non-stop which was not common for me.
    2/5: I have been having no pain to get out of bed and am getting a great night sleeping.
    2/6: I used to have a lot of pain but now I’m not, because I think the mattress helps my back during sleeping.
    2/7: I’ve been sleeping very well and my back pain has diminished.
    2/8: Again, I have been sleeping very well.
    2/9: I used to have lots of pain after sleeping but not now since using this mattress.
    2/10: I can’t believe how much better I sleep and how good I feel after sleeping on this mattress.
    2/11: Everyday, my back feels better.
    2/12: I love this mattress, because I sleep much better.
    2/13: Every day I sleep so much better.
    2/14: I feel so good that I can move around without pain most of the day.
    2/15: I think this mattress is helping my back to make it healthier and free of pain.
    2/16: I really enjoy sleeping on this mattress.
    2/17: I enjoy sleeping on this mattress.
    2/18: I sleep so good and long hours, unlike before this mattress.
    2/19: I have really good night sleep since using this mattress, it’s great!
    2/20: I have been able to move much better since sleeping on this mattress.
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