Thevo MiS® Therapeutic Mattresses* keep your brain fit!

The Thevo MiS® Therapeutic Mattresses* automatically convey the slightest movement of the person - even breathing - into micro-sized counter movements.
This MiS Micro-Stimulation provides the patient with improved body perception, promotes blood flow, and supports mobility – keys to restorative sleep.
This is especially important for patients with advance aged, and those with special needs.

The mattress cannot do it alone:

The difference is the suspension framework of the Thevo Therapeutic Mattresses. The unique technology of the integrated MiS® Micro-Stimulation is the key to better sleep!

MiS® Therapeutic Mattresses

Therapeutic Mattresses, stimulate the body to improve recovery, well-being and quality of sleep due to their unique, patented constructions.

thevo therapeutic


Before without Thevo: Many awake moments

mis before

After with Thevo MiS® Therapeutic Mattresses: more restorative sleep

mis after

*MiS sleep therapy