ThevoChair - The Dementia Chair CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

Rocking stimulates the senses and activates people!

Scientific studies prove: rocking motions reduce symptoms of dementia. The person is more even-tempered and receptive, with reduced anxiety and depression. Smooth rocking motions move the foot, knee and hip joints in a gentle way.

Benefits of ThevoChair

  • Many persons with dementia have a calmer temper and are more receptive
  • Reduced care burden for families and caregivers
  • No side effects – possibility to reduce medications
  • Unique construction provides stability and prevents tipping
  • Quality product by Thomashilfen

thevo chair

  • thevo wing

    Back with MiS Micro-Stimulation

    improves body perception of the person with dementia. This intensifies the positive aspect of the rocking motion

    chair gentle rocking

    Gentle rocking

    requires little effort thanks to special pendulums to gently move body joints

    chair 360

    Revolving platform

    rotates by 360° offering a range of views and activities and the ease of sitting down and getting up without risk

    chair locking

    Locking Mechanism for Rocking Motion (accessory)

    for a secure feeling while sitting down and standing up

    chair footstool

    Foot stool (option)

    works in harmony with the ThevoChair and provides additional movement impulses

    chair safety


    Constructed for optimal stability while rocking. The rocking runners move gently, while the chair remains stable

    feature 6


    The breathable fabric can be wiped clean and disinfected. It is moisture-resistant and fire-retardant

  • Alert and attentive…

    chair attentive

    Ability to concentrate increases, the longer the person rocks. Improved blood circulation, in combination with movement, support the sense of balance and reduce the risk of falling. Patients are more alert and have an improved day/night rhythm.

    Less medication – less side effects

    chair medication

    With increased rocking duration, antidepressant dosage may be decreased. Rocking for just 80 minutes a day may considerably reduce depression and anxiety, which is much healthier for the body.

  • dkInge, nursing home oasis
    "Here is just a little story about why we like the chair. When one of our residents is creepy and fussy it helps her a lot to sit in the chair sometimes alone and sometimes with staff in her hand. After a few minutes she calm down and her expression changing to well-being. Afterwards she is so calmed down that she is left on her own and stay in the chair for minimum another  hour afterwards. She wants to sit with her feet up on the foot rest. Another of our residents also benefit from sitting in the chair when he is creepy restless.. He like to cradle to settle down (using also the cradle of the movement just because it's cozy) He  often calming down fast and  in  fact  he can stay in the chair on his own up to 1 hour, sometimes longer. The dilemma is that we have one chair only and if one resident is quiet, safe and sound that you then can not use the chair to the other. In addition, we have several other residents also sometimes sitting in the chair with good effect. Inge from nursing home oasis.”

    dkAnne-Marie Pedersen
    "We bought our first ThevoChair to our protected unit in March 2012. We find that many of our residents, all of whom have dementia in severe phase, often choosing to sit in the red ThevoChair and benefit a lot from it. We find that our demented residents become more calm, sitting for a long time in this chair compared the other chairs and are more relaxed afterwards. We find that a resident who has many hallucinations and becomes very upset because of this can be rocked to a peaceful situation in the  ThevoChair and is often actually falling asleep with a caretaker sitting and holding his hand while she is rocking the  chair  / some time with the other hand. We find that residents who  are  restless at night, can be calm and relaxed when using the chair and sometime even fall asleep. Therefore we have decided to buy an additional ThevoChair to our protected unit, and one for our day home, where we have many people with dementia associated REACTION:We see that a few of the relatives "fighting " a little to use the chair when they visit our center. Our twins’ pregnant employee was also very happy to sit and rest in the chair ”

  • ThevoChair by Thomashilfen

    Locking Mechanism for Rocking Motion

    Putting on the incontinence cover

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